Jenell Consorti

do you need a coach?

Coaching works by:

- Claim to be "easy going" when really you just agree to everything in order to avoid conflict?
- Hide your personality for fear of judgement or criticism, that you're "too loud" or "too weird"?
- Bite your tongue because you're too afraid of "making a scene" or being told you're "too sensitive" or "too dramatic?"
- Get so good at fitting in with different groups, that you've lost all sense of who you are?
- Find yourself stuck in the same self-destructive patterns, but don't know how to break them for good?
- Are so afraid to feel pain for fear you'll be stuck in a cycle, that you avoid feeling any emotion at all?
- Struggle with letting go of control?

If you answered yes to any of those, I know where you've been. And I've got your back.

If there was one thing I wish I had when I was at my lowest, it would be a coach. We are often too ashamed to ask for help, or have the mindset of "I can do it on my own." And while that's true, you don't have to. 


Mindset work is a key piece to transformation, however mindset by itself is not enough. Until you have fully embodied the new beliefs you create, change won't last. Have you ever tried to change a behavior to create the outcome you wanted, only to revert back to an old pattern? (Think creating a budget to save money, only to overspend every time.) Mindset without embodiment is surface level.


I'm not in the business of surface level change - when you choose to work with me, we go deep into the patterns and beliefs that haven't been working. In addition to the mindset work, I teach a combination of neural rewiring, belief clearing, and somatic processing to ensure old patterns are cleared from your body on a cellular level, while upgrading your energy to hold your desire.
Mindset + embodiment + energy = sustainable transformation!

** DISCLAIMER: While coaching can be very effective, it is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical/mental health condition and is not a replacement for therapy or other forms of health care. If you have a question whether coaching is right for you, book a free call to determine if we'd be a good fit to work together.

Identifying the patterns keeping you "stuck"

rewriting new stories and beliefs that actually serve you

Creating and elevating into the life you crave

Chris D.

“Jenell was patient yet firm with me on working through the walls I have up. She helped me through feelings of self loathing, abandonment, anxiety, depression and allowed me to reach conclusions on my own.”

You are fed up with trying every possible thing and feeling like you’re constantly hitting a brick wall.

coaching is for you if:

You never feel satisfied in your life (relationships, job, social) despite looking like you  “have it all”.

You tend to turn to working overtime, drinking, or binge watching Netflix to avoid facing your feelings

You are looking for a “quick fix” or someone just to tell you what to do

I am NOT for you if:

You're always the victim - it's never your fault things don't go your way & everyone else "has it in for you"

You tend to start new programs/courses but then get bored and never finish

You don’t see the value in investing in yourself 

You know there HAS to be a better way - You are ready and committed to change

i can help you with:

goal setting & motivation (personal & business)

emotional repatterning & release / energy clearing

mindset / life & career coaching

creating financial abundance

corporate wellness education 

Corrie D.

“Jenell holds the most supportive and healing space mixed with pure, raw and reflective love. She helped me pinpoint my limitation and make space to give myself permission to express my desires.”

1:1 private coaching

Yes, you can do this on your own, but why would you want to?
here's how we can work together:




The most exclusive way to work with me, I offer two ways to become a private client: breakthrough sessions and the VIP program

These sessions are great if you need a little extra guidance around a specific challenge, decision, or any change that has you feeling a little stuck.
These sessions are designed to clear resistance and create the space you need to move forward.
VIP PROGRAM: Soul-Called Life
Are you desiring more guidance and attention, plus a proven process to accelerate your transformation? The VIP program is for those looking to go all-in on their healing journey and are ready to live their Soul-Called Life.
This program is available through application only. Due to the amount of time devoted to my private clients, I only take a limited number per year.

This 1:1 container can be structured in 4, 6, or 12 month options to best suit your needs. You will learn:
 My 3-step ACE Method (Awaken, Creation, Elevation) to identify the blocks holding you back, release the past, and create your future
The FIRE method for unstoppable goal setting
Embodiment practices to fully integrate into who you're becoming

Hire me to facilitate or speak at your workshop/small group event.
Contact for more information!

Group coaching program: healed from within 


This signature 5 month group program is offered twice a year. The next round starts August 2021 and price goes up next year. Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out when registration opens!

Stephanie B.

“Jenell was warm, connected, compassionate, and non-judgmental. Her very human, heartfelt presence made the experience that much more special”