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Breathwork is the #1 self healing modality in the world. 
In fact . . . Breathwork healed a traumatic brain injury.

June 2019 I was in a car accident, where I was rear ended at a red light by a semi. While I was incredibly lucky I had no physical injuries, I did suffer a pretty severe concussion from hitting my head on the steering wheel. The first few days after I was in a fog, I could barely focus, and I felt like a zombie. Overnight I went from someone who rarely experienced anxiety to it being nonstop, debilitating; I couldn’t have a conversation without crying nor drive without having a panic attack. My doctor put me on an anti-anxiety medication, which within two days I was having suicidal thoughts.

After a week and still no improvement, I made an appointment with a neurologist who confirmed the severity of my concussion and informed me that, based on my symptoms, a full recovery could take upwards of a year . . . and the anxiety may never go away.

She put me out of work for 6 weeks, during which I did little more than sleep. I only left the house to go grocery shopping, which would then wear me out for the rest of the day. I can’t go on like this, I remember thinking.

It was during this time I started my training to become a certified breathwork facilitator. And as I was doing the work, allowing my body to do its job and heal, releasing the trauma from my system, and breaking the trauma response, I started improving. After I did breathwork I would have more energy, the fog would lift, it would last a little bit longer each time. Until I was fully cleared less than 5 months after the accident. Breathwork is the ultimate reset button on your nervous system, allowing you to finally know what it means to come back home to yourself.

Jaci D.

“Jenell was amazing! I could tell she did her homework and was speaking to me and my needs, which I so appreciated! She also made me feel so comforted knowing there is no right or wrong experience.”

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Want to fast-track your healing, inner growth, and success? Let's work together to create a custom session plan designed just
for you and what you need. Each 60-minute session is custom to you and includes journaling reflection plus a copy of the session. This is the most powerful, transformative way to experience breathwork. 

 Book a 1:1 single session! Use code 35OFF for $35 off your first time.

I offer a range of group classes, including a free Intro to Breathwork the first Tuesday of the month. Check out my current classes by
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You can also hire me to facilitate a session for your small group, corporate/team development, or to speak at your event. Inquire below for details! 

For those who are either new to breathwork, or want the convenience of practicing on your own time, you can now have the option of downloading one of the digital breathwork audios! You can purchase a breathwork bundle; a curated set of audio practices geared to a specific outcome. You can also purchase a solo custom audio OR a custom breathwork journey. 

Cara U.

“Jenell is such an amazing breathwork facilitator! She makes you feel completely comfortable through the whole process. She guides you and prompts you and reassures you that you’re doing amazing. Her sessions are truly transformational. I highly recommend working with her!”