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I am a certified life coach through Hungry for Happiness, a 400-hour certification program. Coaching is a great way to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are creating your current state and shift your perspective to elevate your life. Usually, we know the things we need to change in our life and yet we tend to fall short, give up after a short amount of time, or find another way to self sabotage. Coaching helps to break the patterns of resistance and self sabotage so you can master anything you want. I offer 1:1 coaching either as single breakthrough sessions or as a transformative 3 month program.


Are you tired of trying everything and yet you can’t quiet the nonstop chatter in your mind? Sitting still is near impossible because all you hear is the spiral of “you’re not good enough,” “no one likes you”, “you’ll never achieve anything’, and so on? Breathwork is the quickest, most effective way to get out of our busy mind and reconnect to the internal wisdom of our bodies. To allow ourselves to process emotion without reliving an experience. To access the feelings of safety, security, comfort, and connection that we crave. To finally know what it means to come back home to yourself. Book a session and experience the magic firsthand! I am certified through Pause Breathwork, a 250-hour facilitator training program. 


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